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  • Termination of construction works and start up of 8MW Project, settlement of the subsidy.
  • Termination of the II Evaluation Procedure of the 40 million PLN subsidy for 40 MW Project and subsidy agreement signing.
  • Preparation for construction of 40 MW Project including tendering for supply and installation of Wind turbines and for civil and electrical works.
  • Start of development of photovoltaic projects for a foreign investor
  • Our team consists of 11 people


  • Finalization of negotiations of buying 40 MW Project.
  • Tendering procedure completion for realization of 8MW Subkowy Project and commencement of construction phase. 8 MW Subkowy Project has received UE subsidy in the amount of PLN 14,2 M.
  • Construction management and acting as a contract engineer for the 8 MW Subkowy Project.
  • PLN 4 M subsidy for 40 MW Project was granted by National Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund (NFOŚiGW).
  • Person responsible for tendering and subsidy joins Tundra team.


  • 41,4 MW Kobylnica wind farm construction supervision and management, commissioning and take over.
  • Obtaining environmental decision for 48 MW Project.
  • Identification and purchase negotiations of 40 MW Project for a foreign investor.
  • Two persons responsible for management and supervision of operating projects join the team.


  • Building permit for 41,4 MW Kobylnica Project.
  • Tendering procedures, negotiations and signing of the contracts for civil Works and supply and installation of wind turbines.
  • Financial sources structuring in project finance formula, negotiations and closing of loan agreement for Kobylnica wind farm.
  • Start of the construction of the Project consisting of 18 turbines with Power of 2,3 MW each.
  • Person responsible for technical supervision of construction of a wind farm joins the team.


  • 48 MW Project purchase for a foreign investor.
  • Support in the process of granting environmental decisions for projects with total power of 50 MW.
  • 8 MW Project UE subsidy granting.
  • Gdańsk office creation specializing in project development and management of relations with local partners.


  • Creation of Tundra Advisory with office in Warsaw with 2 people in the team.
  • Purchase of 3 wind projects with total power of 62 MW on behalf of the investor.
  • Preparation and submission of UE 9.4 Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment subsidy.