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Project development is one of our core services. Prospective projects identification requires market knowledge and experience, which Tundra Advisory has consequently gained for over five years.

Due to legal changes that are about to be introduced, it is also really important to optimize the process of obtaining all the necessary permits and consents as they condition the construction.

Choosing the most effective technology, which maximizes energy production while minimizing investment and operational costs, can also boost the profitability of the project. However, it needs to be done at the right moment due to the administrative burden and technological progress.

We believe that scope of development services is completed once the building permit has been granted.

Wind project development consists of:

  • Feasibility study preparation basing on wind data, localization specifics, sources of finance, project schedule and profitability of the project
  • Assisting the commune authorities in changing the land development plan for the commune or obtaining a zoning decision and building permit
  • Securing land for the construction of the wind farm (lease, purchase, easements)
  • Obtaining a decision on exclusion from agricultural production
  • Obtaining grid interconnection conditions
  • Environmental study preparation in cooperation with our experienced partners
  • Obtaining an environmental decision for the construction of the farm
  • Analysis of possible turbine technology in respect to the profitability of the investment
  • Ordering and supervision of geotechnical study
  • Preparation of execution designs in cooperation with dedicated partners
  • Building permit application
  • Obtaining promissory license for energy production in renewable energy source

All of the above steps are time consuming and therefore professional coordination can significantly shorten the whole process. Through tight cooperation with authorities responsible for issuance of the permits and other crucial decisions and thanks to our experience we are committed to shortening the lead time to the minimum.