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Preparation for construction

Project with a building permit is formally ready to build, but usually it lacks contractual readiness. Tundra Advisory is able to carry out a full tendering procedure leading to a choice of the best suppliers of the works in order to obtain best quality for reasonable price. We are also able to adopt different tendering criteria, which are important for the client and negotiate the final version of the agreement with the best bidder. If the project has been granted an EU subsidy, we can also ensure that the proceeding is compliant with Guidance document on eligibility of the expenditures within Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment issued by the Minister of Regional Development (Wytyczne w zakresie kwalifikowania wydatków w ramach PO IiŚ).

Tundra Advisory is an experienced negotiator of agreements with turbine suppliers, civil works contractor, lending institutions, insurance brokers and authorities.

It is of high importance to negotiate some essential contractual points such as warranties, collateral, schedules, interfaces and transition points. In multi-contracting formula, which is widely applied in Poland (and different to EPC), a proper management of all the contractors conditions the termination of construction within time and budget. Such an approach usually means some savings in comparison with EPC on condition that the scope of services is complete and agreements with contractors provide tools to pursue contractual obligations.

We are able to provide you with some tried and true drafts of the agreements, however in order to ensure the highest contractual security for the investor we sometimes consult our legal partners. They give an opinion on contractual changes and their possible consequences.

This stage of the project aims to ensure the contractual readiness (so called ready to build). Ideally, this stage should be realized at the end of development stage, so that the project is ready to build shortly after obtaining a building permit.