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Three main aspects of services during operational phase can be distinguished: technical, commercial and administrative.

Technical aspect of wind farm operation is prevailing and consists of:

  • Understanding the needs – as official advisor to private equity fund we see the wind farm from investor’s point of view, adjusting service and maintenance strategy to investor’s needs.
  • Wind farm presence – allows to shorten the stoppages by planning carefully turbine inspections and surveillance of maintenance works. Moreover, constant contact with land owners and local community prevents the occurrence of conflicts.
  • Subcontractor supervision – maintains proper quality and timely performance of works. Through cooperation with local companies we are able to arrange maintenance and inspections flexibly in order to utilize best times of non favourable wind conditions.
  • Grid operator cooperation – ensures security of energy supply and higher flexibility in case of stoppages
  • Monitoring and reporting – Tundra Advisory controls wind farm operation in order to ensure highest production while minimizing operating costs. Each month a summary report is prepared containing information about main indicators what gives an investor a possibility to follow the performance of the wind farm and to control the budget.
  • Insurance service – Tundra Advisory maintains the relationship with insurance institutions, also in the event of insurance claims

Tundra Advisory prepares reports, controls the availability of the wind farm and supervises the maintenance process as to ensure that it affects the availability of the wind farm to the lesser possible extent. We also respond to breakdowns, which may occur, in cooperation with qualified collaborators.

Commercial aspect is also of great importance and includes contractual obligations fulfillment monitoring by the parties. We pay great deal of attention to power purchase agreement (PPA) controlling price calculations, reporting wind farm productivity, issuing applications to Energy Regulatory Office (Urząd Regulacji Energetyki) for green certificates and invoicing. Moreover, we monitor the fulfillment of other agreements such as: supply and installation of wind turbines, interconnection, lease, insurance and loan.

Loan agreement control means that Tundra Advisory prepares annual operating budget, verifies the calculation of financial costs done by lenders, administrates monetary hedge and monitors cash flows. In addition, we also deal with invoicing, price establishing, renegotiations of the contracts if the need occurs and looking for optimization areas (in both accounting and contractual aspects).

There is always a need to administrate the SPV and the wind farm itself consisting of gathering and archiving documents, preparation of power of attorneys, writing Management Board and Shareholder General Meeting resolutions, correspondence preparation and reporting to public authorities such as Energy Regulatory Office, The Energy market Agency (Agencja Rynku Energetyki), National Bank of Poland and Central Statistical Office (GUS).

Though our trusted partners we provide also a full accounting service.